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Hi Eddie,
Thank you for confirming the details regarding Belle’s microchip.
Belle is settling in well - she is developing a very cheeky and mischievous (sometimes naughty!) character. We have booked her into some puppy classes starting in February which I think will be of benefit to us all!

Just wanted to wish you all a very successful 2018.
Here’s a couple of pics of the highlight of our 2017; our beautiful Theo!

Theo Theo Theo

Hi Tina, Eddie and Carol.

We've had our puggle, Edie now a little over a week and she has settled in so well. Toilet training was fantastic until yesterday! But we'll get there again. She has such a cheeky personality, bounding about and stealing slippers, flip flops, hats etc. She makes us laugh so much.

She absolutely adores her humans and rarely sleeps in her own bed anymore as she has now mastered the climb onto the sofa to snuggle with us.

At night she sleeps in her playpen with cushions and soft toys galore and has a dedicated play area, feeding area and toilet area too! (she is so spoilt) but spends most of the night on the bottom stair until we return in the morning. She is massively loved by us all and she obviously loves us all back she has brought so much happiness to our home that I couldn't ever imagine her not being here.

I've included a couple of pictures for you and will write again soon with her progress.

Take care and thank you so much x
Sam, Harrison, Georgia, Elliot and of course Edie
edie edie edie edie

Dear Tina and Eddie

Thought you might like this picture of Hershi our F2 Puggle. Now just over 6 months old and loving life in Cornwall. Still cute and still naughty!

Regards Caron Jordan


Hi Tina and Eddie

Just thought I would drop you a quick email to let you know Bert was 7 years old yesterday, how time flies. He is still such a loving dog and melts everyone's hearts, he's just getting a little grey around his face but still beautiful .

He still rules the house, but wouldn't have it any other way. Hope you are all well, and thank you again for our beautiful Bert x
Sam & Ross Sayers

Hi Tina and Eddie.
Syd and Peggy have settle in really well. They are really cheeky puggle hit have a great personality. Roxy has taken to them really well and is so protective of them at the park. I hope your well.

Thanks Ruth
image image image image image

Hi - want to send you latest pictures of Ron who we collected from you over 3 years ago for Elodie and Ann in London. We now have him most of the time and he just goes back to London when we are on holiday ( we are the ones who picked him up) he is adorable and everyone he meets says how cute he is. Sorry we have not sent more pictures sooner.

In time we would want another one from you! Sue and Helen.

Just wanted to say thank you for Peanut, she's settled in straight away & all our dogs have a taken to her. Especially Kizzie our youngest Rottie, she is besotted with her. Thanks.
peanut peanut peanut

Here are some up to date photos of our puggle Ralph, he is 3 years old now, nothing has changed his still as happy and as hyper as ever and his a popular face on our estate! even to this very day we still get dog walkers stop us to compliment how lovely he is. His brought so much joy to our family and we couldn't of wished for a better dog

Lots of love , The Taylor's X
ralph ralph ralp

Hi Eddie

Another year has passed so time to let you know how Juke is doing as he had his 3rd birthday last week.

Juke is just a typical lad, a cheeky, lovable chap who charms everyone he meets and is adored by everyone. Completely food orientated and will do anything for a treat!

I took the attached photos in the last couple of weeks so they are the latest I have so I hope you will be pleased by his condition. He has been on a diet for a few months - very hard work - but at last starting to see the results. He even goes swimming now as part of his 'keep fit' regime and he loves it ?? so put a photo of this as well to make you smile. I do hope you will agree that he has kept his handsome face and even though he continues to mature his handsome face is not changing. I still get stopped at least once a week and complimented on my gorgeous dog with the lovely nature. Followed by what breed is he - I still cannot go for a quick half an hour walk I always end up talking to someone new about Juke and answering 20 questions whilst Juke sits patiently at my feet impressing them - usually getting home 2 hours later!

I will never be able to thank you enough for the joy Juke has brought into my life - a true companion and such fun.
I do hope you enjoy this year's photos.
Joanna and Juke
juke juke juke

Hi Eddie

I hope all well. Sorry we haven't been in touch for a while but I thought you might like to see Dougie on his 3rd birthday the other day. We got him from you in August 2013. He has been a great addition to our family and has a lovely character. He loves going on long walks and gets lots of attention where ever he goes.

Kind regards david

Hi both,

Forgot to send this through for you too - no idea how he got them both to stay still for 10 seconds!! But a cracking photo that shows off puggles at their best!!


Hi Ed & Tina,

A quick update for you on the two monkeys! Daisy will be 1 tomorrow and Dougal around 15 months old. They are both totally adorable still and both get on like a house on fire (most of the time). Daisy is the boss, but Dougal is so chilled out he’s pretty much horizontal most of the time. We had to go to intensive Dog borstal for a bit as having two has been quite challenging, but both are now trained to the whistle on recall and are now advancing on to new tricks with the whistle too. Cannot thank you enough for the help and advice you gave us. If we are ever passing by with them - will be sure to pop in for them to say hello!!
A few recent pictures attached if you wish to use them!!
Take care
Will, Emma, Dougal & Daisy
daisy and dougal daisy and dougal daisy and dougal daisy and dougal daisy and dougal daisy and dougal

Hi Tina & Eddie

We had Stan from you last year and thought I'd send you a few update pictures, his birthday was 3 May. He's completely changed our lives and such a big part of our family, everyone loves him to bits! He's an absolute delight and such a character!
stan stan stan stan

We wanted a small dog with a great personality. We chose puggles because we hoped to be lucky enough to get the best of both breeds in one - and we definitely hit the jackpot. Miraculously Eddie had available a female tricolour puggle puppy for us, he enabled us to pick her up immediately and was very welcoming towards us.

As soon as I picked Lady up, Eddie microchipped her and sent me off with a bucket of kibble and a measuring bowl. He reassured me that he would be always be there throughout all the years for advice, Eddie has definitely delivered on his promise in this sense. Lady has worked out to be a wonderful companion and addition to the family. She is either full of energy or fast asleep and snoring! She makes the most hilarious noises - she sings, she howls, she barks deeply, she whines highly, she buzzes. Lady is terribly friendly with other dogs and adores huge dogs. All she ever wants is company and to please you. She can sleep by your side forever and everyone who meets her wants to say hello and adores her. Lady is naughty but loving and good-natured, she is just looking for fun!

We would definitely recommend Eddie to others looking for such a special dog.
lady lady lady lady

Just a quick one to let you know how Teddy is getting on. We got him back end of 2014 (7/8 puggle litter). Can't believe how much he's grown up!

He's an awesome little character. Please find attached a couple of recent pictures plus one from when he was a pup, he's next to the duck!
Thanks again
Steve and Lois (York)
teddy teddy teddy

Dear Eddie and Tina

Our beloved Lottie, bred by yourselves we can't believe she's now 9 and going a bit grey round the face, this gives her an air of distinction!

She's been a lovely friend, full of character, very noisy and bossy and incredibly Intelligent and mischievous, In fact we find many other breeds a bit dull and boring compared to Lottie and We can't imagine being without this great big character !

Carry on producing these great little dogs!
With best wishes
David and Louise feather
lottie lottie

Hi Ed - So sorry it's been so long - STILL haven't got the hang of this contraption , but now my son is learning at school & helping ... Sending a few pics of our lovely Bertie - just before his 3rd birthday - I'm guessing my previous attempts at sending photos failed!

Bertie is a laid back, happy ,confident little dog , who has charmed all who know him - we wouldn't be a family without him! Kind regards , Naomi Stirling.

Hiya guys

How are you doing? It's Cody's birthday today she is 3 already!!! How time flys. Here she is opening her prezzies. Can never spoil a puggle too much haha!

Hope you are all well
Cat and Cody X

Hi Tina and Eddie Roxy celebrated her 9th birthday this week, can't believe how quick it has gone. As you can see she is not impressed about growing old and getting grey. I hope you are well Ruth X
roxy roxy

Hi Eddie, Tina & Carol

Just an update and some pictures of Ellie & Kola Kola has settled in great with her sister Ellie they both love the great outdoors and she always follows Ellie on her great squirel hunts even though she does not understand what she’s chasing.

They are both great and bring us so much joy and are loved by everybody who meets them

Haley & Simon

Hi Tina and Eddie,
We picked up Ralph around 3 weeks ago and we just love him to bits. He is such a character and a very confident dog. Ralph and Bailey our 4 year old puggle get on so well and love to play and snooze. Thank you so much for our second beautiful dog from you. I just wanted to send you some pictures so you can see how they are getting on ??

Lots of love
Jenn and Gordy xxx
ralph ralph ralph

Hi Eddy
I cannot believe how quickly time flies. A year has passed since the last photographs I sent you showing Juke from puppy to his first birthday! So time for another update I think ??
Phew where to start as everyone says who owns a Puggle they are the most friendly, sociable and beautifully natured breed you could possibly meet. Juke is now just over two years old and has matured into a beautiful dog who still has a wonderful mischievous "puppy" fun nature. As you will see from the photos he has kept his looks ( of course I am ever so slightly prejudiced ??) and he still continues to gather admirers whenever he is out. I have sent you the head shot taken when he was twelve weeks old to show he has kept his gorgeous face as he has matured. The other two photos were taken within the last eight weeks so very recent!

Your dogs bring so much happiness and love to owners like myself who are lucky to have had a Puggle from you -Thank You. I hope you enjoy the photos.
Joanna and Juke

Hi Eddie

Rus is settling in extremely well. His sleeping positions never cease to amaze us ....

Hey Tina & Eddie here is a HUGE update on Spock he has grown into such a handsome boy he is my darling I wouldn’t trade him for the world, 8 months now and still causing mischief but I have been training him well and he has grown into such a intelligent character now I am so proud of him I could not thank you more for the love he has brought to my tiny home.

I hope these pictures of him find you well he is ever so handsome I hope to see him on the testimonial page! All my best and if possible could I have a photo of his Mum & Dad please as I would love to see his heritage we never did get to come to yourselves and see in person and I really want to see his Mum as he is so much a Beagle.

Again thank you so much hope to hear from you.
spock spock
spock spock

Hi Tina/Eddie,

Sorry I keep meaning to drop you a line but then get distracted, wonder what by!! I hope you remember us from July when we came and collected Stan, he's settled in so well & absolutely love him to bits. He can be a little stubborn at times but overall a good little boy.

Here's a picture from his first trip to the beach!


Hi Everyone,

Dougal was great on the way home, a little accident but thats all.

He is settling in well, crying a bit a night but he soon stops and doing really well in the toilet training department. He’s not at all bothered about his collar or harness and walks really well so far on the lead. He’s the talk of the village already!! Everyone loves him who has met him, we could probably sell him 20 times over - but NEVER!! He’s off for his vet check up later on which I am sure will be fine.

We have attached a few pictures for you too.

Look forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks for No.2

Will & Emma
dougal dougal
dougal dougal
dougal dougal

Hi Eddie, hope you are well. Just thought I'd drop you a line as it nearing our girls 1st birthday. Lady Fifi is sat on step and Mischievous Vera is sat on floor. They are the cutest most lovable holy terrors that ever lived. Fifi is the girly girl and Vera is the ringleader for the mischief. Their favourite pastime when not eating everything in sight is playing swing all which they are very good at.

Take care
Sharan Tilley

Hi Ed and Tina, little Jasper has been with us a month or so now and settled in so well. He likes an early start but sleeps all night with no accidents. He has just started going out for walks with big Sister Bella who is now 4 and they get so much attention it's unreal. Jasper also started puppy classes yesterday and did really well before falling asleep! He really is another lovely puppy and has fitted into our family brilliantly. Thanks again for another lovely Puggle, they make the best family dogs.

Kind regards

Lesley, Richard and Becky Slater
jasper jasper jasper jasper jasper jasper

Hi Tina and Eddie

Sorry we have not been in touch sooner time goes so quickly when you are having fun with a puggle. It is her 1st birthday tomorrow and she will be spoilt as she is every day. As you can see she has grown into a beautiful dog who is such a character and just loves life. She is very confident and takes everything in her stride.

We still take her training as they introduced her to agility and searching which she loves. Tia is very good around children so can see why puggles make great family dogs.She loves other dogs too whatever their size and if they are allowed to play she is in Tia heaven. Of course she is still a puppy and her halo sits a bit lope sided some days ... Like stealing a slipper and running off with it But then she has still never messed indoors or destroyed any furnishings.

Well we hope you enjoy the photos and again thank you for our perfect Tia.

Hi Eddie & Tina,

Congratulations on getting a couple of doggies onto the Jonathan Ross Show. We seen the show and they were lovely wee dogs.

I've sent a couple of pictures of Ajay & Bella and you'll see how cute they are together. They are getting on really well together and are just so much fun. They're lovely natured wee dogs and attract lots of attention when out and about. We'd recommend yourselves to anyone looking for the type of dogs you have.

We were wondering if the Puggle dog on tv was from the same litter as Bella who was born on 5th January this year.

Kind Regards
Colin Gauld


A quick update, Cody is 2 today!! It doesn't seem like 2 minutes ago since I was constantly emailing and asking you for progress reports, pictures and dates I could come to pick up my little bundle of joy. She is absolutely fantastic! - the best dog I could ever imagine!

Thankyou so much x :)

Hi Tina & Eddie,

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the lovely puggle that I got from you. We stuck with the name Ralph in the end, as by the time my son decided he wanted to change it we had already got used to calling him it. I have had so many compliments about him, his looks and his temperament and I must have given your number out to at least 4 people so far. He is a lovely looking boy and his temperament is fabulous, he doesn’t bound round the house and he’s fab with the kids, We’ve got into a good routine although were not quite there with the toilet training just yet.

He’s had all his jabs now and we are looking for ward to taking him on hid first walk this week, my son is super excited. I have attached some pictures of him although there not the best as he seems to move before the pictures taken. I will send you some more in the coming months so you can see his progress.

Once again many thanks,
Michele & Charlie xx
ralph ralph ralph

Please find some pictures of Bailey attached.

We will be looking to get another towards the end of this year beginning of next. We really can't wait to add another puggle to our family as they are the best dogs and companions. Bailey loves to run around with packs of dogs, go swimming, play fetch but his favourite thing is to have cuddles and be close.

Bailey Bailey Bailey

Hi Tina and Eddie

Just thought I would give you a quick update on Tia. I cannot believe she will be 21 weeks tomorrow. She really is an amazing little pup...not so little now though! She is absolutely gorgeous and we are always having people stopping us to admire her when we go out. We really couldn't imagine life without her now.

She is of course spoilt hence the photo of her favourite sleeping spot when she gets tired during the day.... she loves tiger and has slept with it since we brought her home all those weeks ago (we crate trained her in 20mins on the first night...she really is that easy). She has still never messed or Pee-ed in the house. She is of course still a pup so goes to training which she loves ...and the beagle in her needs!! Thank you for a beautiful dog who brings so much love and fun to life.

Love Dave and Wendy X

Hello Eddie, Tina and Carol

Sorry for late contacting you. Our F2 Puggle, Pebbles, born 14.4.14 is adorable, cute, delightful, charming, beautiful and a lovely little dog. Everywhere we go we hear these comments and more all the time. Even on the shortest walk we are usually stopped by at least three different strangers who want to stroke her and admire her. When we took her to the seaside on a busy summers day, men, women and children were literally queuing up to look at her and make a fuss of her and we felt like we had a celebrity with us.

We must have been stopped by at least thirty people on a short trip along the promenade. One old lady said she had made her day. Needless to say Pebbles adores the attention and just loves everybody, as well as all the other dogs. She is a very good puppy and from day one nothing has worried her, not even the long journey home to Kent. She never barks even when she hears other dogs and wakes up happy and full of fun every day. We are delighted with her and thank you for your superb breeding and excellent early training.

Regards from Linda and David Glass

pebbles pebbles pebbles

Hi Eddie

We received Sam's paperwork and I thought I'd give you an update on the newest member of our family! Sam has settled in very well over the last 3 weeks and is definitely one of the family. He is well behaved, has a lovely nature and people regularly stop us to talk or pat him (which he seems to like a lot!). He and Alex have been inseparable since the day we brought him home.

He knows when to sit & stay, walks well on a leader and sleeps in the kitchen at night (even though he doesn't really like to be told it's bedtime!). He just ignores our rabbits and sits outside their run waiting for us to return. He seems to like going out in the car in his special seat so that he can see out of the window and when he is worn out he lies on the rug in the living room!

Sam is a little character and we've had more than one offer of doggy-sitting when we want to go away. I've attached photos taken recently....he is very photogenic. There is one of him looking through bars but it is him peering from under a stool!

sam sam sam

HI - just wanted to update you on how Amahle - puppy born 6/2 turned out. She is ADORED by not only her family - but by everyone who meets her! She is the most beautiful dog, bar none. people often stop us in the street and try and guess her breed (most guess boxer of some sort) and all love her! Her brown fur did spread quite a bit. She LOVES living in the countryside (a bit too much! the garden took a lot of extra fencing to keep her in away from chasing the sheep and rabbits!) and loves chasing rabbits and running across the fields.

anyway - thanks so much - I'll send another piccie when she is fully grown - just to show off how beautiful she is!

Carole McC
amahle amahle amahle

We have called him Rio and he is settling in rather well,loves the girls. WE are all in love with him.thanks again for all your guidance etc.

Michelle,Darin,olivia and Lucia

Tina & Eddie

Hi. A big thanks for letting us have Galaxy. We have had her for just over a week and she is settled in nicely with our other dogs.

She is very loving and has a beautiful temperament like the other dogs we have had from you. We are very pleased that we got an older dog instead of a puppy and we would recommend one of your older dogs to anyone, and we may well come back for another one in the very near future.

Keep up the good work
Kind Regards
galaxy galaxy galaxy

Hi Ed & Tina, Apologies for the delay in sending pic!You may remember Ed, when Fona and I came down from Glasgow last november, we still couldn't decide on a name for our new wee black puggle pooch!With our surname being 'White', she was almost called 'Blacken'!However, you're both clever people, so I'll leave you to work out who's who in the pic! Good Health. Charlie & Fiona


Hi Edi and Tina, hope you are both well.

Just wanted to send you some up to date pictures of Rigsby, who is just adorable, but totally spoilt - however, we wouldn't have him any other way.

Rich and Nickie x
rigsby rigsby rigsby

Hello Eddie

Thought it was about time I gave you another update about Juke especially as he had his 1st birthday a couple of weeks ago. I cannot believe he is now a year old it only seems like yesterday when I rang you to see if I could come and have a look at a Puggle as I had never seen one. I am sure no one who has a Puggle will be surprised to hear that one look at your puppies and it was love at first sight and finished with me buying one there and then! I can still remember driving home and ringing my sons to tell them I had bought a puppy and would be collecting it in 2 weeks and their shock!!! My youngest son came with me to collect him and one look at Juke and he fell in love also and decided he was 'pretty cool' :)

Having Juke has completely changed my life and through just walking him I have met so many nice people and made new friends. As I am sure you have heard from many people who have your puppies that everyone loves them and I have to agree as everyone who meets Juke falls in love he was the most adorable puppy and has grown into a very handsome dog. It is true once a dog reaches a year old they seem to change and mature overnight - what else can I say other than he is the most loyal and loving companion you could wish for - THANK YOU. I have attached some photos ( in case you have forgotten him ;)). I should also mention that Ellie (Hayley and Simon's puppy) is Juke's half sister and to me she just looks like a smaller feminine version of him they certainly had very good looking parents as Ellie is gorgeous and Juke so handsome...

I do hope you like the photos starting with when I first brought him home, his handsome face as a puppy and him looking up at me on his birthday. I don't know if all puggles like water but it is Juke's greatest pleasure (and being out walking as well of course) so have also put one of him in his paddling pool :)

Joanna and Juke
juke juke juke juke

Hi Eddy, Tina & Carol

Just to give you an update on Stanley, from the litter born on 17th February 2014, he’s turned into a playful, cheeky monkey, who like cuddles and most of all hunting down a scent. We are constantly stopped on his walks by people wanting to talk and say hello, which he loves!

Once again a big thank you to you and your team – we cannot imagine life without him. As you can see by the photos he has settled in very well and grown into a handsome young puppy

Warmest Regards
Georgina & Barry
stanley stanley stanley stanley

Here is an update on Boston who will be 2 years old in July. He is an absolute joy to have in the family, great with kids and other dogs and horses !!! Thinking of getting him a playmate so may be seeing you soon.........

boston boston

Hey guys hope your all well?

That time of year has come again, we went to pets in the park gala today, Cody came 3rd in "dog the judge most wants to take home" class. She was announced as being a cheeky monkey she fell in love with when we very 1st came into the park - describes her very well hahah! There were lots of dogs in the group. A huge Neapolitan mastiff came 1st. All in all a lovely morning out and now one very tired puggle. :)

Hi Eddy and Tina

We just wanted to say a massive thankyou for Ellie, from the Puggle litter born on 17th February 2014 she has joined our family and is a absolute angel ( most of the time ) and can not imagine life without her. As you can see by the photos she has settled in very well and is enjoying her time at the "pub".

Eliie has had the best start in life from a breeder who is as caring and professional as you. And you have always been available to answer any of our queries before and now after.

Once again Thankyou Eddy it was a pleasure to find you and Tina and not forgetting Carol.

Hayley & Simon

Hi Edi, hope you and Tina are well.

I thought I'd send you a picture of Rigsby who is coming on leaps and bounds and keeping us very busy. He is the most adorable and affectionate puppy I have ever met and we love him to death.

Nickie and Richard

Hi Tina & Eddie ,

We came down from Glasgow to get Elvis (twice !!!!) but it was worth every mile because he is the most gorgeous,loveable dog anyone could ever wish for and we totally adore him. He is the perfect addition to our family and we couldn't imagine life without him now.

Elvis is 18 months old now ( born 27th July 2012) and is the most loving ,snuggly,fun dog in the whole world !!! David is constantly stopped on his evening walk by people wanting to talk to Elvis and wanting to know what breed he is. Puggles aren't very well known up here yet but everyone knows Elvis in the neighbourhood now !!!

I took these pics of our son ,Brodie with Elvis to put on David's 50th card, and he was chuffed to bits to have his two boys smiling for the camera !!!!

Thanks again for breeding such adorable dogs,
Alison ,David,Brodie and Elvis Xxxx

A photo of her with her birthday gifts and specially made dog birthday cake! Hope you like the pic! (Bet your laughing)


Hiya Eddie,

I thought I would give you an update for the best dog ever on her 1st Birthday TODAY 19.02.2014

This time a year ago you had a beautiful litter of 5 puggles, 2 boys and 4 girls from Skye. I chose a cute little ball of fur and named her Miss Polly. The from the moment I brought her home I could not fault her, she is perfect in every way. She's so clever, obedient, loving, an absolute diamond with her temperament and funny! She's my world!

Her 1st year with me we done so much together! Her 1st ever bath was in Harrods, we also entered shows in the summer and ALWAYS got placed, we travelled and stayed at various destinations of dog friendly hotels around the country, she loves a dog friendly pub, she won a photo competition for an American Puggle calendar and she is the published month of July and so much more. Polly even has her own Facebook page with almost 500 followers search for: Miss Polly The Puggle - She's one very spoilt girl!

This Saturday we have 2 dog parties for her, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, just so she gets to see all her K9 friends for her birthday.

I would just also like to say how you was right about 'The real McCoy' Puggle... As I have seen a lot that claim to be puggles but definitely are not, I have become quite a pro at spotting them!

I hope Polly and I have many happy years like our last and I can update you with more about her life on her 2nd Birthday! I still keep in touch with Melissa and Polly's brother Archie to! I would love to have kept in contact with all her siblings!

Thanks for the best dog ever!
From Claire xx

Hi Eddie

Thank you such much for featuring Hugo on your testimonial page, Daisy was absolutely delighted. I have attached another photo of him - this is how he sits - looking out the window!

Thanks again
Susie x

Hi Ed & Tina

I have enclosed a couple of extra photos for your website if you would like to use them.

Kind regards
John Sawyer
marley marley marley marley

Hi Tina and Eddie,

I hope that you are both well. I just wanted to send you some photos of Gus who is now 18 months old. He is a much loved member of the family and is a real gentle giant. Saying that, he is as playful and boisterous as ever but we wouldn't change his infectious personality. He gets so much attention wherever we go with many people stopping us on the street asking if they can take him home! He is one good-looking boy! He is now taking on a parental role in looking after our new baby pug.

Thank you for giving us our wonderful Gus. I'll keep you updated with more pictures soon.

Viv x
gus gus gus gus gus


This is Hugo son of Bengi one of your stud pugs and Baily one of your Puggles. He has a great personality and is always kind to other people and very loving. He always tilts his head when you talk to him. And we love him very much and he loves us the same back.

Lots of love
Age 7

Hi Ed & Tina
I have sent over a few photos of Marley for you both so that you can see how he is getting on. I wanted to take this opportunity to say a massive Thank You for all of the help and advice that you gave me and my wife Audrey. We were first time Dog owners so all of your guidance was much appreciated. We have recommended you to friends and colleagues who are also thinking about purchasing a puppy.

I have enclosed 4 photos for you. Including one of my son Jude with Marley over the Park.
I hope you like some of the photos. As you can see Marley has become part of the family very quickly and he is loved by everyone. Keep up the great work........

Best Wishes
John & Audrey Sawyer
marley marley marley marley

Juke was 8 months old yesterday. I think (hope!!) he is now full grown as he currently weighs 15.9 kgs.

Many thanks
Joanna Bond

Hi Eddie, hope your well.

Just wanted to pass on some pictures of Alfie, he is now 15 months old and has one massive character. He is so mischievous and loves his long walks but also loving nothing more than relaxing on the sofa. Can't imagine life without him!

Love Leanne, Jay & Alfie x
alfie alfie alfie

Hi Tina and Eddie

Just wanted to say thanks for an amazing little puppy :) Little Winston has settled in very well in his new home. He has been a little terror at times but I wouldn't change him for the world. He love to play with everyone he meets. He loves other dogs and has made lots of new friends in the last few months. Winston has become quite the superstar in the area as he walks with a little march, really picking up his front paws while walking. So here's a few pictures over the last few months of him growing up.

Thank you so much for a wonderful little pup :)
Richard and Winston

winston winston winston winston winston winston winston winston winston winston

Hi Eddie, hope your well.

Just wanted to pass on some pictures of Alfie, he is now 15 months old and has one massive character. He is so mischievous and loves his long walks but also loving nothing more than relaxing on the sofa. Can't imagine life without him!

Love Leanne, Jay & Alfie x
alfie alfie

Hi Eddie

It has been a whilst since I updated you on Juke's progress so here goes. Juke is now six and a half months old and he is the most loving, attentive, intelligent (nothing gets past him!) and sometimes naughty (but who wants perfection it would be so boring :)) He has become a bit of a local icon - usual comments are there is the dog with the curly tail or is this Juke my friend was telling me about him? from total strangers who come up to me on the park and in the street.

He is the perfect companion dog - equally happy to go for a walk or curl up beside me! I cannot imagine my life without him - Thank You. As you will see I have attached a couple of photos for you to see his progress the one in the garden around 11 weeks old, the head shot was 16 weeks old and the one on the settee 5 months old. As you can see a really handsome guy. I will send you some more photos as he grows up so you can see what a beautiful dog you bred.

Kind regards
Joanna Bond
Juke Juke

Dear Tina and Eddie,

Here are some pictures of Millie and Lemon frolicking, they are now all grown up at a year and a half and 10 months old respectively and great friends. I was so surprised at how much easier it was with the two of them, I hardly had to teach Lemon anything, she picked everything up by following her big sister and she was much braver in all her new adventures.

They have nearly opposite personalities Lemon is friendly and dynamic and Millie is very ladylike and a little more reserved, except when it comes to children which she loves more than anything. Lemon loves the water, she will literally jump into the bath whereas Millie will hardly go out of the house when it rains. Millie on the other hand loves the hairdryer which Lemon can't stand and basking in front of the heater on full blast. They are two sides of the same coin and the most wonderful family we could ask for. We can't thank you enough for bringing these two into our lives,
With Love, Maggie, Dimi, Millie and Lemon.
millie and lemon millie and lemon millie and lemon millie and lemon millie and lemon

Hiya guys, hope you are well?

Cody and I would like to send some festive cheer to you all. I can't believe she is 9 months old already how time flys! She has so much energy, constantly on the go wanting to play, jump and run about. She is absolutely bonkers just like her mummy hahah! ;) I'm looking forward to spoiling her at christmas lots of new toys heading her way :D I could write an entire book on her but I'll leave it there for now.

Hope you have a brilliant christmas
Love from
Cat and Cody x x

cody cody cody

Hi Eddie

We just thought we would give you an update of how Buzz has settled in, as you can see from the pictures he has made friends with Daisy. They are inseparable now and spend every evening curled up together on the sofa. They spend hours of fun in the garden chasing and playing with each other. We couldn't have asked for 2 better dogs for our family and our 2 girls, Sophia and Scarlett love them both. Feel free to add these photos to your website. Best regards to everyone at foxisle and we look forward to seeing new puppies on the website as they appear as we regularly check for updates.

Best regards

Gavin and Trish
buz buz buz buz

Dear Eddie and Tina

Can't believe Neville is now 18 months old and would like to thank you both for the most fun loving, happy, gorgeous, handsome, well behaved Puggle we could have ever hoped for. He fits in with everyone in the family - loves watching rugby and cricket with the boys and watches hours of dressage with the girls. He is so popular wherever he goes and loves coming away with us in the Horsebox. He is definitely the perfect puppy for our family. Thank you again.

Kindest Regards

Carolyn, Geof, Monty, Bertie and Neville xxxx
neville neville neville neville

Hi Tina and Eddie,

We are writing to say a huge thank you for introducing us to our beautiful Lexi. Being first time dog owners we were a little nervous as to what to expect and so we decided to come and see you as from our research we knew you were the best people to talk too. So pleased we did as we fell in love with Lexi instantly and seeing the wonderful temperament of all your dogs we knew we had gone to the right people.

Lexi is now 16 weeks and our lives have completely changed in the best way possible. From the moment we bought her into our home she just fitted. She is the most amazing snuggle buddy prone to her mad half hours when she tears around the garden tussling with her toys and snuffling through the leaves. Taking her for walks is fun family time and she is enjoying all the extra attention she gets when she accompanies us to the rugby at the weekends, in fact she has been such a hit she is now the unofficial mascot for the under 8's. Whenever we take her out we have people coming up to us constantly asking about her, most people have never heard of a Puggle but having met Lexi they fall in love just like we did.

We are so proud of her progress, at 16 weeks she is pretty much house trained, just the occasional accident when we have visitors and she gets a little overexcited but otherwise she uses the cat flap and takes herself off into the garden. She is fantastic with people just wanting to spread her unconditional love to everyone and is more than happy with other dogs of all shapes and sizes, a real little bundle of fun. We have taught her to "sit" and have just mastered "lay down", she really is the best addition to our family and we are all very proud of her.

With many thanks
The Rutherford Family
lexi lexi lexi

Dear Uncle Eddie and Aunty Tina

I am sorry I haven't written to you since I left you, but I have been really busy settling in my new home. I really love it here and my new family spoil me rotten. I have been a really good boy and I do what I am told most of the time. I can sit, give my paw and lie down on command, but I seem to forget my name when I am called (hee hee).

I have a lovely friend 'Bella' (in the picture), we meet up and go down the beach together. My new mummy lets me off the lead now, and I am really good and do as I am asked, and if she calls me I do go back to her then, because I don't really want to get lost.

I really am happy, and I am so loved.
Lots of love Bentley

Hi Eddie and Tina,

I just wanted to let you know that Bentley is wonderful, and I cannot thank you enough. I hope you are all keeping well, and I will of course send you more pictures as Bentley grows. He is amazing, he is so good and he has really turned our lives around. He has such a beautiful nature, he doesn't snap, he loves attention, he gets stopped everywhere and people want his picture, he is turning into a diva. He is wonderful.

Thank you, he is an absolute blessing.
bentley bentley bentley

Tina and Eddie,

Here are some photos of our puggle Ralph, he is definitely a character! mischievous and very cheeky but he has settled in very well with the family and likes to think he is king of our home! very happy xx

From the Taylor's.
ralph ralph ralph

Hi Eddie

Just wanted to show you what a lovely looking pup Juke is and as he is getting older his face isn't changing so he is going to be a gorgeous dog. Thank you

Joanna Bond

Hello Tina & Eddie

Just a quick email to say how very happy we've been with our purchase from you. We know it's early days yet but couldn't have asked for a better dog with an excellent temperament.

I have attached a few pics so that you can see for yourself just how well he is blossoming.
Will keep in touch

Tricia Green and Jim , just to keep you updated, he has settled in so well he is so lovely , you were so right he loves his food , will keep sending you the pics.

Hi tina and eddie,

Just a quick update on our puppy Lulu, who is now 16 weeks old. Lulu has settled down brilliantly and we think she loves it here. She is a bundle of joy, full of energy, and always looks so pleased to see us every morning .

Despite seeing her cheeky and naughty side occasionally, she is very well behaved and can even do sit and paw now!! She is completely toilet trained and adapted to our routine.

Thankyou so much, and we shall keep you updated:)

Here are a few pics....

Georgia, Sue, Terry, and Lulu.

Hi Eddie,

Just wanted to send you a few pics of Rudy! He's a fantastic little pup, great character and so much fun! We're already talking about a second one!! Thankyou for all your help, and as you said ......see you in 6 months!
rudy rudy rudy

Good evening Ed,

Here's some pics of Tyson...he'll be six months old tomorrow! He's grown up so fast....from a mischevous little puppy to a mature dog (even though only 6 months old) who is very caring and loving and always wanting to play especially with other dogs! As you can see he is also very handsome and he still gets stopped in the street to be complemented and petted!

As mentioned we are thinking of getting him a sister...would you be able to send through some photos of the F1 puggle girls you have??

Thanks very much
tyson tyson tyson

Hi Eddie and Tina

Just a quick update for you - as you can see Pippa has found her place as boss of the household!! She's settling in just fine always hanging off hogans ears then we find her upside down in her bed flat out!! She's such a character and we love her so much I think hogan has developed quite a soft spot for her now too!

Will keep you posted
Lucy and Kurt

I would like to just to take this chance to thanks you so much for breeding these wonderful dogs that have so much character and charm. Penny is know the boss of the house and always get what she wants well she is a lady after all. Just like to take this opportunity to thank Eddie and Tina for the hard work they put in to make little bundles of joys like this for families to enjoy.

I would recommend a puggle to anyone and if I was loud I would have some more but since I am away working a lot and the fact that penny does not like anyone in her space that rules that out. But keep up the great work puggles R us.


Bryan, Lisa & girls and penny says thanks as well.

Hi Eddie and Tina

Hope you are both keeping well.

Just thought we would send you some of our latest photos of Hogan. He is just over 4 and half now. He is best buddies with our cat Redbull and also quite regularly has to share his bed with one of our nieces who love to get in with him!! He has such a lovely character and is adored by everyone who meets him! He is obsessed with watching TV as you can see especially when Paul O Grady for the love of dogs is on!!!

Just out of interest do you still have the tricolour puppy available and how much would he be? We have been thinking for a while about a new addition! Not sure we could stretch to two ( as much I would love to!!) as I know you would prefer them to go together.

Kind regards
Lucy and Kurt
hogan hogan hogan hogan hogan

Hello Eddie

Hope you are well?

We did our first dog show today! And I'm so proud of how well we got on! She's such a fantastic puppy!

  • 1st Place - Best crossbreed
  • 1st Place - Prettiest bitch
  • 2nd Place - Best puppy

  • We got into the championships but I didn't realise and we missed the class I'm gutted as the judge said she was the dog she wanted to pick! I'm kicking myself for missing it!!!!

    Claire & Miss Polly x
    Miss Polly

    Hi Eddie

    Heres a few pictures of daisy, she is a fantastic looking dog. We would appreciate a couple of pictures of the puppy we have chosen if you don't mind?

    Gavin And Trish
    daisy daisy daisy daisy

    Entered Cody into "prettiest bitch" competition - there was about 25 others in the line up and Cody came 1st place :D deffo the prettiest in my eyes.... But also in everyone else's eyes too :) gorgeous!

    Hello Tina & Eddie!

    We both wanted to say a huge thank you for bringing to us the most loveable,adorable little puggle that we are crazy about! He comes to work with us every day & gets so much attention it's rediculous. We are the theatre performers but he is the one with all the fans!!! He has learnt many tricks & loves all his back stage friends!!! We can't imagine what we did without him & as he is so friendly we are already discussing getting another puppy from you. Best wishes & until the next time!... Adam,Rebecca & of course Leo! :-)
    leo leo leo leo leo leo leo

    Hiya Eddie,

    Today Miss Polly had her spa day at Harrods Knightsbridge! She loved it! Here's a little picture for you! I hope you like it!

    She is a totally amazing dog. So perfect, I'm so in love with her!
    Hope you are well?
    Claire & Polly! :-)
    Spa day

    Hi Tina & Eddie,
    Here are a few images of Bobby & Lilly. They have settled in really well and they give us so much pleasure and they are both different characters.
    Here they are 10 weeks old.
    Here they are 10 months old.
    Bobby having a snooze!
    Linda & Lilly on Coniston Water.
    bobby and lilley bobby and lilly bobby and lilley bobby and lilley

    We would like to say thank you both for taking the time to let us choose the right Puggles for us!
    Thanks again.
    John & Linda

    Hi Eddie,

    I hope you are both well. As promised a few pics attached of Nancy, now 6 months, with her big brother Frank. It took him a little while to get used to his bold little sister chewing on his ears and following him everywhere copying everything he did (as you can they even sleep in the same position!) but they're now firm friends. It's been really interesting watching our second puggle venture out into the world and she certainly has more courage and determination than I remember Frank having. She throws her head back and howls at you in defiance when you tell her off which shows how she has taken to her role within the household. But she is just as much of a lap dog as Frank, I will have to send you a pic of them both on my lap which is quite a squash!

    I know when you saw Frank again we thought that he might be the biggest puggle you've ever bred and I think Nancy is quite small for her age so it might be a case of the biggest and the smallest!

    A huge thank you again for another wonderful dog, we (including Frank) couldn't be without her.
    Nancy and Frank Nancy and Frank Nancy and Frank Nancy and Frank

    Hello Tina And Eddie,

    Im writing to you to give you an update on Jager, he has been with us for 2 months now, He is a little superstar, fully house trained already with only a couple of accidents early on, wasnt too keen on walks to start with but now we can barely get him inside, he loves chasing leaves around the garden and then he loves to spread out on the sofa taking up almost 2 seats at full length. He has just discovered also that he can bark to attract attention so when he wants to play he lets us know in full voice. :-)

    Thank you very much,
    Will update again soon.
    James Carolan

    jager jager jager jager

    Hiya guys,

    Another update of little Cody, She has setteled in really well, the potty training is also coming on great. She is the perfect puppy. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her. Even those that have only seen photos love her!! Ive spoken very highly of you all as breeders and I think a couple of people will be coming to you if not already spoken to you (i know one of them has :) - puppy play dates when their bundle of joy arrives) Cody had her 2nd injection on thursday - She didnt even notice the vet had done it, very well behaved!

    We have been on a few short car journeys to my parents house to play in their garden. She isnt too impressed with the car and being strapped in but im sure once she learns thats how she gets to the seaside and anther exiting places she will be fine with it haha! We get to go on our first walk next weekend :) - i doubt we will get very far, Cody will want to stop and explore every 2 mins and the every minute inbetween im sure we will be getting stopped because she is soooooo adorable. (ive no problems with that tho - she's my baby , ill sing hers and your praises to everyone and anyone!!!)

    I still can't thank you enough :) hope you like the pics

    cody cody cody cody cody

    Hi thought I would send a picture of Boston ! We got him in September from you and he is now 7 months old. He has been a fantastic edition to the family and is great with the kids. We took your advice on toilet training him putting outside every half hour and it worked a treat, only the odd accident in the house which we can cope with! He still sleeps in his crate at night and apart from the first two nights we got him ( not much sleep at all ) he has been great. Everybody stops us when out walking and love him to bits !

    boston boston boston boston

    Dear Tina and Eddie,

    I hope you are both well. We've had Monty for coming up to 4 months and we absolutely adore him! He has settled in well and particularly loves nestling into our beanbag in front of the TV, it was my husband's 'computer gaming' beanbag but Monty seems to have taken it over!

    Monty has stacks of energy and is a great jogging partner for my husband, he has moments when he goes 'mad' running round the house but in his calm moments loves nothing more than a cuddle and tummy rub. He picked up on a house training very quickly and has learnt basic commands, he'll do anything for food but has selective hearing if he knows we don't have a treat for him! Monty is a very handsome dog and we often get stopped by people asking what breed he is when we are out walking him. Monty also has a very expressive face, we definitely know the guilty look when he has chewed our post or taken the cushions off the sofa!

    Monty really has become a part of our home and we can't imagine life without. I have attached a few pictures of him. Thank you for helping us to choose such a lovely dog.

    With Best Wishes,

    Stacey and Spencer
    monty monty monty

    Hi Eddie,

    This is Velvet the pup we got from you at Christmas. As you can see from the pictures she has settled into family life without any problems! She is great fun and the boys just love her she was toilet trained within 3 weeks, she goes into her crate at night again no problems.

    Starting to see her personality now, she's really very good. I can honestly say anyone thinking of a Puggle for their family is a great choice she's very very smart and picked things up really quickly!

    Rusty is the name of the other Puggle we got from you for my sister in law Velvet is definitely the boss!!! He's doing great and Jennifer will forward some pictures on to you of him.

    Thanks for all your help I will forward you more pics as she grows.


    Hi Debbie and Eddie,

    We have had Mylo just over a week now so thought i would let you know how he's doing. The first few nights he needed to be let out for the toilet but now he sleeps through with no accidents. He also responds to his name and recognises both Robin and I.

    He had his first long walk yesterday he loved seeing all the other dogs and people, he's great on his lead already. I can't get over how well he's doing for 12 weeks old, we are looking at taking him to some puppy classes that should be fun :-) I wanted to also say the help you both gave us while choosing Mylo was really helpful it made the process so much easier with your invaluable knowledge.

    I hope you had a lovely Christmas take care and we may see you again for a friend for Mylo.....
    I've attached some photos for you.
    Steph, Robin and Mylo
    mylo mylo mylo

    Hi Eddie,

    Here are the pics at last of our two boys Harvey and Bailey.

    They are very different in nature, Harvey is completely mad while Bailey just wants to be on your lap all the time! I think Harvey is the Beagle always off on a scent and the food thief, and Bailey is the Pug, never wants to be left out of anything and will not go far from my side.

    They hate to be apart, and go off looking for each other even if they are only in another room! Also they are very good natured with our sons, who adore them.

    I take them to work with me and are part of the team we have there. Everyone pops in to see them and spoils them with affection. They have been lots of hard work, but they do get me out and meeting lots of people in a new village in the countryside, we moved to just before i got them. Everyone knows the Puggles!

    I have always wondered about the third one, if he is in your gallery of pics?

    Hope you and Tina enjoy seeing them, now they are adults.

    All the best,
    Anne McPhail
    hb 1 hb 2 hb 3 hb 4 hb5

    Hi Eddie,

    Just thought we would send you some pics of Archie our beautiful Puggle boy who is now 17 weeks old (born 27th July 2012). He's an amazing and loveable puppy with tonnes of personality. He's very mischievious and cheeky but gets us everytime with his 'butter wouldnt melt face'. Everywhere we go Archie gets lots of attention, which he loves and our family and friends adore him.

    We couldnt have asked for a better puppy and wouldnt change him for the world, he makes us laugh everyday and amazes us with how quick he learns new tricks/commands although at times he is stubborn and pretends he doesnt understand the word 'no'. He is great with children and loves playing with other dogs. He loves puppy class and walks especially off of his lead. For us he is the perfect addition to our family and I really dont know what we would do without him. Were very much looking forward to spending Christmas with him now.

    Thanks for all the help, we would really appreciate it if you could put us in touch with any of the people who have Archies brothers/sisters it would be great to see pics of them. Archie was rom diannes litter botrn on 27th July 2012.

    Hope you like the pics. (The white puppy is Archies best friend Teddy, my sisters puppy 3weeks older than Archie)

    Many Thanks
    Tiff, Tim and Archie xx
    archie archie archie archie archie

    Hello Tina & Eddie,

    We would all like to wish you both a very happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year. Frank is getting on marvellously. Just had his second year vets visit and he is in perfect health. Recently had his second birthday and attach a picture of how his birthday is no different to ours.

    Best regards
    Mike, Rebeca and mike

    Jake is just the best dog ever! He is now 4 years old and still admired by all who meet him. Lucky boy he has held on to his youthful looks! We couldn't imagine life without him. We have lots of friends who say they wouldn't have a dog but they would have a Jake! - that is puggles for you!!!

    Thanks for the best dog ever - everyone says that I know x
    jake jake

    Dear Tina and Eddie

    Thought you would like an update on Barley, our puggle puppy, who we chose from your F1 litter born in May 2012 (to Skye and Benji). She is an extremely affectionate dog and likes nothing better than to drape herself around your neck by perching on the top of the sofa whilst watching wildlife programmes on TV!

    She is quick to learn and can do all sorts of tricks, if incentivised. However she can be stubborn and wilful too!! She always generates interest and enquiries whilst out walking and has made many friends including another Foxisle puggle whom she met at her training class.

    She loves her brother (Jaffa the cat) and can often be found curled up with him next to the fire after a long walk. She is very sociable, energetic and always gives the bigger dogs a good run for their money.

    Finally we just want to say thank you for all your help. It took us a long time to find our perfect puppy but she has undoubtedly been worth the wait and we would unreservedly recommend you to anyone considering buying a puggle puppy.

    With best wishes
    The Shilton Family x
    barley barley barley barley


    We got dude from you on August the 12th, back to his new home in Glasgow he came and he's settled in perfectly! Absolute wee monster but wouldn't have him any other way.

    Thanks for supplying the new addition to the family he is adored by EVERYONE who meets him.

    Love, Doug & Kelsey x

    Hi Eddie
    How are you?

    Oh my goodness, I have just seen the pictures of Rufus (Maisie's brother!!!) on your website and they are so so similar! I would love to get in touch with Rufus's owners just to compare notes, could you give me their email and telephone number please?

    Maisie now sleeps through the night in her crate with the door open, although if I don't get up in time when she wakes to let her out she reluctantly does her business on the kitchen floor but that happens only now and then. She is very energetic and has an enormous amount of energy. I let her off the lead last weekend for the first time and she bolted off in excitement only to come to a halt to turn round to see if I was still there and then on command she came bounding back to me (phew huge relief). There are some great places quite nearby to take her and let her off lead which we both really enjoy.

    Walking on a lead is going to be a much longer project but I must learn to be patient! I have been taking her to puppy socialisation classes which she loves. Needless to say she is probably the liveliest pup there and is always in the centre of the mound of pups when we let them off the lead to play. She has no fear and loves meeting other dogs when out for walks though tends to jump up when meeting other people (working on that one).

    I absolutely adore her to bits and am so looking forward to my future with her. I attach a couple of her cutest pictures.

    With best wishes
    maisie maisie

    Hello Tina & Eddie,

    Just wanted to drop by with an update on our beautiful addition Bonni - she is a little gem!!

    I brought her home on the 1st October and have loved every minute with her since. The first night was needless to say a sleepless one!! But she now loves her home and has settled in lovely. Bonni is 17 weeks old now and I think she is going to be a small dog, although she has a huge personality to make up for it!! She is getting there with toilet training, but fingers crossed it is just a matter of time! (thanks again Eddie for the advice when I called, it seems to be working)..... I have to say she is the most affectionate puppy I have ever known and would like to thank you for your help in choosing such a lovely puppy. I have and will continue to recommend Foxsile Gundogs as the place to go!

    I will keep you up to date over the next few months - hope you enjoy the photos!

    Thanks again,
    Love Zoe, Arron & Bonni x
    bonni bonni

    Thought id send you recent pics of Alfie settled in with the other two ladies, he's finally growing into all that loose skin, haha!!! He's really good natured and loving .

    Thanks, Angie

    Hi Tina and Eddie,

    Just wanted to send you an update on our puggle, Rufus, who is now 16 weeks old.

    He's settling in well and has grown so much over the last 2 months!! He's very mischievious and full of energy but is very well behaved most of the time. His mischief is only outweighed by his cuteness and loving nature and I can honestly say I don't know what I'd do without him now! He quickly settled into his sleeping routine and can now sit on command and loves little pieces of cheese and mash and gravy! Meal times have been fun...

    Everyone who has met Rufus falls in love with him instantly and he has such a caring and friendly nature. We find now that people come round to see the dog and not us! He is full of character and is very cheeky but we wouldn't have him any other way. He has boundless energy and loves his long walks and is walking well on the lead. He loves nothing more than being with us all the time, either on our knee or asleep round our feet - he has such a lovely temperament.

    We are so glad we have Rufus now and would be so lost without him. He's been a great addition to the family and we can completely see why people come back for another puggle - so fingers crossed we will see you again soon!

    Thanks again,
    Hannah and Karen
    rufus rufus rufus

    Hi hope you're all well, we received the papers in the post today thank you very much. I have attached some photographs of our beautiful little girl Mya-Jane.

    She really is the most amazing puppy, i am so proud of her. Today she has done so well, she now sits, paw, lies down, jumps, answers to her name & shes only 10 weeks. The potty training at been up and down. She started off really well, but we moved house a couple days ago so she's getting a little confused! She wants to go outside to so we're looking forward to her first walk next week! Will be getting her passport & rabies jabs soon too so she can go on her travels!

    Thankyou again, will deffinitly recommend your puggle pups to everyone.. I want another one already!
    Sarah & George
    Mya-Jane Mya-Jane

    Hello there,

    Here are some pics of our Puggles Buddy & Sandy who are now 18 months old now and whom we adhore so much. We are so glad we listened to you to buy 2 as we was only going to get one but it as been a lot easier because they keep each other occupied and love being together as you can see from the pictures so thank you.

    Even tho they are brother and sister they are so different and keep us entertained with their funny ways and are so well liked by everyone who meets them, Thank you once again from

    Mick & Karen Shaw from Doncaster
    dexter dexter dexter

    Hi Tina & Eddie,

    We thought you would like an update on our Puggle puppy, Dexter. We brought him home at the end of August and it only took a couple of nights to get him sleeping through and he was very quick to crate train. Dexter is now 18 weeks old and is a small dog with a huge character, making new friends wherever he goes! Thank you to everyone at Puggles-R-Us for helping us choose such a fabulous puppy... we can't remember life without him!

    Thanks, Dianne, Neil, Adam, Nathan & Isaac x
    dexter dexter dexter dexter dexter

    Dear Puggles-r-us,

    Millie is from your February 14th litter and she is now 8 months old so I thought I would send some progress pics! She is very mischievous but utterly adorable, she loves giving kisses and stealing our socks. She is very friendly and wants to play with everyone, even the cat who tolerates her. She is great at travelling, we flew with her on a plane and she was perfectly behaved.

    She loves going to the beach but she doesn't love swimming, though she will wet her paws. At 8months she is nearly 9 kilos, I have attached a pic of her with her auntie Loony who is a beagle, when she was 6months old for size reference. We are so happy that Millie is part of our lives and can't thank you enough. I will send more pictures as she grows older!

    Maggie, Dimi and Millie.
    Millie Millie Millie Millie

    Dear Tina and Eddie
    I hope you are both well.
    I thought I would send you a few pictures of Max and let you know how he is getting on.

    He has been a wonderful addition to the family, a very well behaved, clever and gorgeous puppy. Everyone admires him and he is so friendly to other people and dogs. He loves his walks and is enjoying life to the full. He is great company, thank you for producing such a lovely dog!

    I am already working on Tom for a little friend for him!
    Speak to you soon.
    Best wishes
    Jo and Tom Meagher
    Max Max Max Max Max

    Hi we brought Darcy home in May 2012 she is the pup of Bailey who the Cornish family bought from you. Bailey is pictured as a pup on your testimony page. Darcy is the loveliest pup we could have wished for always wants to be cuddled, loves chasing the birds around the fields we walk her on, and everyone she meets adore her.

    The kids in the street always come to cuddle her as we go out for walkies. These pics are from our summer holiday as you can see she likes to relax in a sun chair and loved the beach. Thank you so much for breading Puggles.

    Claire, Michael and Ryan Howe x
    darcy darcy

    Hi Tina and Eddie I brought roxy from you nearly 6yrs ago now and we still want to get her a brother we would really love a black and white or tri colour pup do you have any litters due?

    I see you do have 2 for sale at the moment,How old is the pups you have now and do you have any more pics of them? I have attached some pics of roxy coming up for six and still as cheeky as ever the must human dog I've Ever met but I love her to bits

    Speak to you soon

    Hello al at Foxisle , just wanted to send you some pics of our fabulous puggle Dolly. Shes a year and a half old now and is a really lovely dog. She comes everywhere with us and is very well behaved.
    Everyone loves her and she is a total child magnet ! It takes us an age to go anywhere because everyone wants to talk to her and have a cuddle ! Shes the second puggle we have had from you and as ever a perfect family pet.
    Best wishes to you all . X Doyle family London.
    dinky dolly dinky dolly dinky dolly

    Hello we just wanted to send some pics of Pugsley. We are so glad we made the decision to get a puggel, he is the most amazing puppy if not a little mischievous.

    We can't not take him for a walk without getting stopped by his many admires who all fall for his loving and cheeky nature. He has also become a favourite with the rest of our extended family who want to borrow him for walks and cuddles.

    We have recommended many of our friends and family to you guys, so hopefully Pugsley will soon have brothers and sisters to play with.
    pugsley pugsley

    Hi Tina and Eddie,

    Just thought I would send you a few pictures of 'Hargreaves'. He's settled in amazingly well and is a true pleasure to have in our lives! Myself and Kate can honestly say we never knew what we did without him.
    Kind Regards
    David & Kate Wilson
    Hargreaves Hargreaves

    Dexter and Dexter at the beach


    Dear Tina & Eddie,

    Love at first site! How can I thank you enough?

    Our babies Morice & Oscar are safe in Istanbul where they have settled into their new home. They are happy, look beautiful and full of energy.

    We would especially like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service you have extended us throughout these past months. Your friendliness and warmth can clearly be seen in the nature of the puppies. We will make sure that we regularly keep you updated on their progress.

    With My Warmest Gratitude,
    Alp Taskent

    morise and oscar

    Hello Tina & Eddie,

    Eddie it was last Christmas Eve morning when I picked up our puggle puppy from you. My daughters face was a pictures when I give him to her on Christmas morning and she named him Frank. He settled in very well and is a joy to have. He has become a local celebrity with people asking what breed he was. He loves his food and we take him over our local park where he runs with all the other dogs. Just taken him in for his yearly booster and the vet said he was in excellent condition. Look forward to many years of fun and happiness with him. Have attached a couple of pictures of him one of which is with my daughter Rebecca. Would like to take this opportunity to wish you both a happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.

    Kindest regards
    Mike & Rebecca
    Frank Frank

    Hi Tina and Eddie

    It has been a long time coming, but we bought our Puggle Nellie from you 3 years ago and she is our beloved, bit or a rogue sometimes, family member!!

    I enclose pictures for your testimonial page. As you will see she is adorable! There are now 3 Puggles that we know of in our surrounding village and all from Foxisle. Thank you for our wonderful dog she is the bees knees.




    Hi Eddie,

    We thought you would like to know that Poppy, the puggle we got from you in July, has settled into her new home in Jersey perfectly. She really is one of the family now and we all love her so much as does everyone who meets her. Poppy was very quick at learning tricks and we had her rolling over within the first couple of weeks. We've noticed how clever she is and she is a lovely dog to have around, even when shes nibbling our socks! She enjoys going out to work with Dad and especially loves running along the beach meeting other dogs, to then come home and sleep on her favorite big dog teddy.

    I have attached a couple of pictures of Poppy, as you can see shes growing up fast!

    Thanks again for Poppy, we would happily recommend Foxisle to anyone.

    The Carré Family

    poppy poppy

    Hi Eddie & Tina,

    Polly just gets better & better. She is such a little character and we have so much fun with her. I have attached a photo of her cooling off and playing with a friend in the stream.

    Thanks again
    Kind regards
    Tim & Sarah Harding


    Pie and Alfie Pie and Alfie Pie and Alfie

    hi Eddie and Tina

    It has been a long time since we spoke/met - but you may recall Dee and I bought two puggles from you. First Pie, and then Alfie (about 6 months later). About 5 years ago.

    Ive just recommended you to yet another friend as they want a puggle - his name is Ross and im sure he will get in touch.

    Im sure you have enough compliments but i thought id let you know that Pie and Alfie are in great form. Still as affectionate and playful as ever. Still amazing with children. And still very happy to go for 8 hour hikes in the mountains. Still great with other dogs. And still the largest characters in the room.

    I hope you are both well.


    Mac and Dee

    Scarlet Scarlet Scarlet Scarlet Scarlet

    Hi Tina and Eddie

    I really should of written to you long before now and apologise for leaving it so long but i would just like to let you know how fantastic little Scarlett is. She is now 9 months old and the most beautiful, fun and loving girl and just love her to bits! and everyone who meets her does too!

    I have attached a few pics and as you can probably tell she loves to pose for the camera!



    florence florence
    florence florence
    florence florence
    Dear Tina and Eddie

    I have added some more photo’s to choose from and a bit of an update.

    We have been really impressed with how Florence has come on in the last six months, from day one she picked things up really quickly, we had her house trained in a matter of days. However she is now really good on and off the lead and will walk to heel.

    We hope you add will add Florence to the testimonials page.

    Best Regards

    Becky and Tim Willis.

    sadie sadie sadie sadie sadie
    Hi Tina and Eddie

    Hope you are well, we thought it was about time for a full update on Sadie. Eddie you were right - she was a cry baby for half the journey home but slept for the second half and right through the first night. Not so lucky the second night though, after hours of crying she managed to squeeze her fat little belly through the bars of the stair gate and up to our bedroom door! We took her straight back down and stayed firm though and a couple of nights later we didn't hear a peep.

    We followed your advice on the toilet training and within 2 weeks she had the gist of it with only a few accidents to follow. She loves the leaves and twigs in the garden and her favourite game over Christmas was bringing in fallen icicles to play with. She is a spirited little character, very intelligent and quick to learn new things. Basic commands like 'sit' and 'down' only took 5 - 10 minutes for her to master.

    She's a nutter when it comes to playtime, her batteries never seem to run out! The other side to her is the complete opposite, she always likes to be close, snuggling up at every opportunity and giving lots and lots of kisses - especially on the lips when you least suspect it!

    We have sent a mixture of pictures from the time we have had her, she is 18 weeks old now and the close up with the Christmas tree in the background was taken a few days ago. We couldn't be happier with our gorgeous little Puggle. She is becoming a bit of a celebrity in our town with lots of people stopping to ask about her, and she is an instant hit with anyone that meets her.

    Bye for now until the next update, from Chris, Maria and Sadie.

    daisy daisy daisy daisy
    Hi eddie and tina

    We hope you all had a great christmas and happy new year. Ive attached some pictures of Daisy our puggle for your website..She is such a great dog and has been so easy to train although sometimes she likes to go wild and have her mad half hour where she runs as fast as she can around the living room so we all dive for cover. She loves going on long walks and we are always stopped by people asking what breed she is and how beautiful she is. She won first prize at puppy class for best fancy dress at the xmas party.

    She has really filled the hole in our family since lyla died and we are so grateful to you for all your support and help. hope to speak soon and see you in the future. the new puppy pictures on the puggles r us website are fantastsic the white one with lemon colours is a great looking dog.

    best regards
    Gavin,Trish and Sophia

    bert bert bert bert
    Hi Tina & Eddie,

    Just a quick email on Bert, he is growing up so quick we adore him so much, its like we have always had him. He settled in really well, we have had a few little accidents in the house, but other than that his training is excellent.

    Whenever we go anywhere, we have to add on a few extra hours, as everybody stops you and says how pretty and what a lovely breed he is. Its also great when you here people trying to guess what breed he is (not many people get it right).

    We went to our first Dog show in Compton near Winchester on Saturday, and decided to enter Bert into some of the Class's, as they allow puppies from 4 months.

    The first Class was Best Dog Puppy - And yes Bert came 1ST.
    The second Class was Best Cross Breed under 18" shoulder- And yes Bert came 1ST.
    The third Class was The Best Dog the Judge would like to take home- (This was out of over 40 other dogs,bitch and puppies of all ages)- And yes Bert came 1ST.
    We were like proud parents all over again, Bert was loving all the attention and all the girfts that he won, we didnt enter many more as Bert was getting tired, so we carried him around as he was sleeping(and snoring).

    I hope you like the pictures, we have so many of him and also alot of people have of him to, as he is some what the talk of the village at the moment they all love him.

    We have recommend you to everbody that asks where we bought Bert from as we couldnt of asked for a more perfect dog, to complete our family.

    We will keep in touch.
    All the best
    Sam, Ross, Georgia & Liam Sayers x - BERT XX

    puggles puggles and kain
    Hi everyone,

    Thought it was about time we sent you some photo's of Puggles (still couldnt think of a better name for her !!)

    Puggles is coming upto 6 months old now and she's settled in brilliantly and gets along with Kain even though when she climbs on him to sleep he is like a grumpy old grandpa. She has developed her own little personality and is a very loving dog who sneeks lots of kisses in and likes a cosy snuggle on the sofa with us but she does have a crazy ten minutes of running round like a child on E numbers. Loves eating shoes have lost 3 pairs and running of with various bits of clothing into the garden.

    She's picked up the basic commands really well still having trouble with the come back command but then what do you expect from an adolecent ! She has picked up some things off Kain like growling when playing tug together and sitting near the treats cupboard everytime you go near it. Her favourite hobby at the moment is sitting on the back of the sofa resting on the windowsill and watching the world go by.

    Loves the beach and in this recent hot weather she's been swimming in our pool with us and has learnt to surf on the inflatables. As you can see from the pictures she isnt scared of anything sometimes she thinks she's another rottweiler and not a small puppy. She still has a howl rather than a bark but occasionally it does come out as a bark which i think shocks her as much as it does us.

    Really happy that we found her and i think she enjoys all the comments from passers by saying how pretty she is, would always recommend you due to your excellent staff and quality of puppies.

    Tracey, Chloe, Puggles & Kain

    photo photo
    Hi Tina and Eddie

    Just thought I would send you this photo of Maggie. She has just had her first birthday and what a lovely dog she is! A lovely mixture of playing, swimming, running through the woods, but as soon as you settle down she is straight on your knee for a cuddle! We love her to bits and wouldn't be without her. Puggles are great family dogs, thanks so much! Regards

    Julia Hall and family x

    Hi Eddie and Tina,

    Hope you're well. We spent last week with Blossom on holiday in Devon. She is such a comical puppy with such a lovely nature, she can't get enough cuddles. We took her to the beach on a boat and she wasn't worried about going in the sea or falling in a big hole she made in the sand. Everyone stops to admire her and my parents are thrilled to bits with her. Here are a few pictures from the trip.

    We can't wait to come and collect our puppy in 2 weeks, as a family we are very big fans of puggles and would recommend them to anyone.

    See you soon.

    Lizzie and Jim Mothersele

    Hi Tina and Eddie,

    Sorry it has been so long since we last sent you pictures, attached are some up to date pictures of Ruby, who we got from you last October

    Ruby is now 10 months old, she has grown into a lovely little dog that we are very proud of! Her obedience is good, she picked up most of her puppy training very well, though she can still be a bit mischief at times. Ruby adores our kids and loves to run around with them, a brilliant family dog.

    Only last week I was in Pets at home with her and I got stopped by several people to admire her and I am regularly giving out your website address

    Thanks again for our wonderful dog who brings us so much joy, since the day we got her, not a day has gone by that she hasn’t made us laugh…she is everything and more that we could have possibly wanted.

    Best wishes

    Sean & Kim


    Hello Tina and Eddie,

    Sorry it’s been so long contacting you. Just to say a huge thank you for our little Dexter. Here are a few pictures of Dexter our 13 week puggle puppy. He has developed quite a personality now and has really found his place in the house. He is a little gem and we love him to bits.

    Thanks again,

    Hannah & Phil


    Hi Tina and Eddie,

    How are you? Good i hope, just a quick email to see if there are any more pics of the little cockapoo that pauls mum picked out? little harvey ha.

    Ripley is doing really really well i cant believe how well behaved he is. He's mischeivious being a usual puppy but due to his training he calms down pretty much straight away when we give him a command. Hes such a good dog. Tonight he is attending his second puppy class to socialise him with other dogs. He absolutely loves it!!! He's so funny, just plays right the way through it, absolutely knackered himself out last time, he fell asleep in the taxi back home! Dont know what hes gonna do this time though because hes allowed to walk on the lead now ha!! Ive attached pics for you to see how hes developed. Hes huge now compared to when you saw him last. Hes just on 13 weeks old now (11/03/10). Still got loads of growing to do.

    Thanks for our little loonatic

    Ellie and Paul

    Hi Eddie & Tina

    We promised to provide you with an update on our gorgeous little puggle puppy Sally. She's turned out to be hard work but a cracker and we are delighted with her. She very much loves being in the countryside but is perfectly happy in London aswell.

    Pictures attached

    Many thanks for bringing so much fun into our lives (and a few early mornings too!)

    Joanna & Freddie

    Dear Tina and Eddie,

    Just a little email to say a huge thank you for our little Ripley! Soooo much of his cheeky character has come out already, in just over a day of us having him! He is sooo funny. It was hard to settle last night however, i'm putting that down to it being his 1st night on his own. He ony had a couple of accidents last night and ALL were on the training mats.

    He is already associating the back garden as 'the toilet' and is crying to the door when he wants to 'go'! I am soooo happy with the progress that he's made i cant belive its only been a day!! Smart little tubby!! Ha! I will send you updates on him and of course, some photos!!! I have attached one of him crashed out in his bed!!! As the Beatles song goes --"It's been a hard days night, and i've been working like a dog!!"

    Kind Regards

    Ellie Burns



    Sumo & Bailey
    Sumo & Bailey
    Hi Eddie/Tina,

    Still look at the site! See what's happening .. new additions etc. Attached couple recent pics of Sumo, and Bailey for you They're both doing very well, although Sumo is bigger than Bailey now!!

    Hope all well with you


    Hi Tina & Eddie,

    Sorry we have been a while in sending you the attached photo's - you know how busy life gets with a new addition in the family!!

    Anyway, we are having a great time with her. She is such a lovely dog - everyone we meet, and I mean everyone, thinks she is wonderful!! In fact, we have to leave the house earlier to get to places as we get stopped all the time!!

    Roxy is 12 weeks old tomorrow and we have almost got there with the toilet thing!!! Its coming. She has been sleeping in her crate for the last 4 weeks and really likes it in there - no problems with crying or coming down to little puddles!! She's just a fab little pup and even though she has only been with us for 4 weeks we all love her to bits and couldn't imagine life without her.

    We'd all just like to thank you for your help in choosing Roxy - we are all turning into proper doggy bores!!!

    Thanks again - we keep reading your web-page so please keep it up - its great to read all the other testimonials.

    From The King Family
    in Newark.

    Here are some photos of jude our puggle who we bought from you guys in january. he will be one in december, just thought you may want some pics to go on your testomonials page for others to see. Jude has settled into his new home brilliantly an we couldn't imagine life without him, he likes nothing more than to be snuggled up in our laps at any opportunity!!! he has been really good to train an learn him some cool tricks....although toilet training him was a bit of a struggle, he was being lazy (typical man ha) he is quite the celebrity in our village as no one has really seen a breed like him before so they stop to admire him and ask questions about him. he was also featured in our local magazine advertising dog training which he loved... hes quite the poser!!! anyway thanks again for a brilliant dog. jenna and ian.
    Ruby Ruby Ruby
    Hello foxisle family !!!

    A few pics of ruby for you, to see how much she's grown now she's 15 months old,and she's as beautiful as ever ! we take her everywhere with us as she's so good.

    Hope to visit you before the end of the year,so you can see for yourselves how great she is . Best wishes to you all,

    the doyle family ,
    london. xxx
    Hi Tina & Eddie

    Just thought we would send you an email with some pictures of Hugo, he has settled in really well and is into everything at the moment. We are looking forward to taking him out for his first walk on the 15th May.

    We are very lucky to have found you and can honestly say that so many people have commented on how lovely he is and everyone has been asking where he came from, he is a complete credit to all your hard work. He's everything we could have hoped for.

    Thanks once again,
    Stuart & Natalie
    Hi Eddie

    I have attached a couple of pics of lyla who celebrated her first birthday yesterday. We have just had a baby and she is brilliant with her and really is careful when the baby is around. She is a great family dog and our relatives always ask us to bring her along on visits.

    Gavin and Trish
    Max on his holidays in July 2008.
    Hi there we got little Franklin last July He's the son of Foxisle Ali Cat Chaser and Maddalo Strike It Lucky.

    I just wanted to email and thank you, although it be a bit belated.

    He's a briliant dog, he is very clever too and loves to play. I take him out running for 40 minutes or so everyday and then he'll go for a little sleep but he is so full of energy he only ever settles down around 8pm thats when he turns into the dog that likes to cosy into you. He is very affectionate and takes quite well to learning if he is in the mood.

    We entered him in a local Dog Portrait competition and he came first place, thats the picture attached, he just so handsome I haven't seen anymore up in Scotland and everyone we meet whilst out wlking just throws compliments at him. I let him off the lead quite a bit with other dog now and he loves to get involved with hem no matter how big (he was chasing a great dane the other day).

    Anyway I would definately recomend this breed and breeder I will be back for seconds in the near future.
    Hi Eddie & Tina,

    Thought you would like to see how Ruudy's getting on. Hope you like the pics !!! He is 12 weeks old on (26/02/09) but he has made unbelievable progress. After 3 days of being at home he would sit at the back door when he needed the toilet every time and sit and wait for his treat afterwards. He is sooo clever.

    He is crate trained and loves his den, the 1st 2 nights he howled a little bit but now sleeps right through and often climbs into his crate by himself through the day. He has now been allowed out for a week and has been walked everyday although only for 20 Min's or so. He is already off the lead and returns when we call his name no problem.

    He is great with other dogs & kids and is always happy to meet new people. We really have been blown away how willing he is to learn and please us. Although he does have a tendency to nip, but we forget he is only 3 months old as he has come so far. He has been such a joy to us, we cant thank you enough and have already recommended you to friends & family Take care

    Alan & Lucy-jo
    Coco & Casper
    Dear Eddie

    It was very nice to speak to you today and hopefully our friend Kate Brown will be in touch with you shortly about buying a puggle, she only met our two last week and completely fell in love with them.

    I attach a photograph of coco and casper sat with me on Christmas day, as you can probably see they are very adored and very spoilt.

    They have very different personalities, Casper is much the more timid of the two and really only cares about his food and being cuddled, Coco is much feistier, very intelligent and an independent spirit, she adores water and jumps into any lake or river at the earliest opportunity whilst he just paddles at the edge, regardless we love them both equally and cannot believe the pleasure they have bought to our lives.

    Since having coco and capser in June 2007 we have met several puggles but none quite like our own, they really are very special, I am so glad I saw the photographs of their elder brother on the front page of Country Life and wouldn't hesitate to recommend you.

    With Kind Regards

    Nick Hollinshead, Coco and Casper
    Dear Tina & Eddie

    As promised, here are some pictures of Rudi.He has finally settled at night, no more crying! Keep in touch, we look forward to your website.

    All the best,
    Hi Eddie & Tina,

    Thought we'd drop you a mail to let you see how Ringo's getting on - hope you like the pics.

    He was 16 weeks old on 26th March and has been an absolute star. We knew things were going to be OK when he was perfectly quiet and well behaved in the car all the way home to Glasgow! The very next day after we got home he would sit at the back door to let us know he needed out and for the first few weeks he used the training pads - but he's totally house trained now (touch wood). He's mastered the "sit", "leave", "down", and "stay" commands although we're having a bit of trouble with "off" and "my jeans aren't for playing tug-o-war" but we're forgiving him at the moment.

    He's crate trained from 10.30 right through to 6.30 in the morning - we had one night of howling on the first night when it absolutely broke our hearts to ignore him, but it was worth the pain. We've also been taking him out for walks for just over a month now and he's been brilliant - he's on a loose lead most of the time and just wants to go and play with everyone when we have him on the extending lead at the local parks. We've had him at puppy socialisation classes too where he's made friends with a Patterdale puppy called Merlin and a Jack Russell cross called Glen. He's the star of the show at the classes and the new people always want to come and see him.

    We've both been amazed at how quickly he's learning - although one of the things he's learning is that if he's a good boy he gets lots of treats {:o) He's been the perfect dog for us - I get the energetic side and play fetch and tug o war with him, and Tracey gets the puggle snuggles on the settee when he's tired. And all our friends and family are shocked at how clever he is - while my nieces and nephews have never been to our house so much since we got him!

    He's become part of the family already and we can't imagine the home without him.

    On a personal note - thanks to everyone at Foxisle for the friendly service throughout the whole time we were waiting for Ringo - we can't thank you or recommended you highly enough.

    Many thanks and take care,
    Craig and Tracey
    Hello to all at foxisle, we just thought you would like to know that 4 days from her 1st birthday, ruby has tacken best bitch and best in show at her very first show ! we are all so proud of her , and im sure you are too .

    she behaved so well, and all the judges just loved her ! photos attached so you can see how beautiful she has grown up to be. best wishes to you all , the doyle family london .
    Hello all at the foxisle family! Here are some pics of our lovely ruby, who is now ten months old! She's doing fantastic at training club and is now the youngest dog in the top class! She's a natural at agility!!! Would you have thought? She absolutely loves it and makes me look good.

    Ruby still recieves alot of attention when we are out, and is just the sweetest, smartest, dog. She's great with the kids and they just adore her. Thank you again and well be in touch again soon .

    Louiz, Rod, Doyle xxx
    Hi Eddie and Tina

    Hope you are both well.

    We just thought we would send you an update on Hogan - Its great to see other peoples photos and updates on puggles r us!! Hogan is 13 weeks old today (5th March) time goes so fast and he is getting bigger (and wider!!) all the time. He has settled in so well and is quite a character!! He loves going out for walks but it takes us so long to get anywhere as everyone wants to look at him (I've been late for work a few times!!)

    He loves playing fetch and trying to help out with my cleaning - or should I say pinching my clean washing and dragging it around the garden!! I have few pieces of clothing with designer holes in now! We are enjoying him so much along with all our friends and family that visit him all the time. We couldn't have asked for a nicer puppy!! Anyway I have included a few pictures and will keep you posted on his progress. Thanks again for everything you have done,

    Kind regards Lucy and Kurt
    Hi Eddie

    Hope you're well. Just thought you may like to see Sumo now at just under 5 months! He is nearly bigger than Bailey!!! Lovely dog though, he gets A LOT of attention!!

    Speak soon
    Hi Eddie,

    Just thought would let you know that we arrived home safely with Sumo - he was as good as gold in the car! Bailey was very excited to see him, and they have been mucking about and having fun already which I am pleased about, as was a bit worried that Bailey may have been a bit put out. He is whining a bit, but guess that is to be expected. Pic attached anyway of the two of them (Bailey is 9 months now!) - and will send pictures as he gets older!

    Thanks again, he really is a stunner!

    Best wishes
    Hi this is kirsty mcgibbon who bought one of the puggles out of mollys litter (Abbey).

    Abbey has settled into her new home very well she loves playing, especially with our youngest lab millie. Abbey has had all her vet checks and all the vets are pleased with her.

    The hernia does not worry the vets at all but they will sort it out once she is a little older. Abbey also atends a puppy class on mondays where she met a puppy that also came from you, Joe the minature chocolate labradoodle (very cute).

    There are always people stopping me when out a walk to ask what breed she is or to comment on how cute she is. Thank you for bringing Abbey and i together. Attached there should be a few pictures of Abbey and her new sisters millie and kira.

    Thanks again.
    Hi Tina and Eddie, Little Alfie is doing well thankyou, I've attatched a pic of Jenni and Alfie together. They are doing a photo shoot tommorrow for a calander (celebs and their pets!!) so will send you a copy when we get hold of it.

    Hope you're both well

    James and Jenni x
    Hi Tina and Eddie

    Happy New ! hope you are both well. Thought I'd just drop you a line and a couple of pics, to let you know how our little Puggle pup is getting along. We finally settled on "Poppy" as her name, as it was remembrance weekend when we came up to see you.

    Poppy has been fantastic and has settled in really well, she was toilet trained in the first week and our Vet made the comment that; " Your breeder certainly knows what they are doing" which I thought you'd like to hear. She is now out on the lead and the only draw back is that we are stopped every few yards with people admiring our little pup. As you thought she has turned a beautiful smoky brown colour, which I hope you can see in the photos.

    We are both totally obsessed with poppy and we have both turned into complete Dog bores who will happily spend hours talking to friends and anyone who will listen, showing them the latest photos on our telephones.

    Thank you once again, and we are certainly recommending Foxisle to anyone.

    Kindest Regards
    David & Natasha ( and Poppy of course )
    Just to let you know we are getting on really well with Roxy our puggle. She is in to everything and keeps us busy! but we love her to bits. She is doing really well with her toilet training, and for 12 weeks old she can sit, lay down, speak, stay and paw.

    We are finding it really easy to train her. We took Roxy for her first walk on the beach on wednesday and have attached some photos of her for you to see.

    Kind Regards Shin & Dan

    Hi Tina and Eddie, we hope all is well with the both of you, we'd just like to say thanks again for giving us such a lovely dog, she's 5 months old next week and doing very well, although a bit naughty at times!

    We've attached some photo's for you. We'll keep you updated on her progress, she's been walking with me(Marco) off the lead for the last 6 weeks and as of yet i haven't had trouble with her wandering off, she's surpirised all of us!

    She attracts so much attention, we've given your number out to lots of people that stop us in the street. We saw the country life edition with the Puggle on the front, I'm sure that'll bring you lots more requests.

    My friend Panos, who bought the Black Lab from you is very happy also. Take care and many thanks,
    Marco, Emma & Polly
    Thank you..... our puggle "Bailey" is a fab little puppy! we have followed your advice and within a week she is house trained. She has made herself at home as you can see from the pictures below.

    It is great to know that we can ring you at any time for support and advice

    The Cornish Family

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