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About Puggles

This quality of Beagle ensures the quality of your Puggle. Beware of "Imitations" as many breeders unable to achieve a natural mating of a small 8" Pug with a 15" Beagle will resort to using Jack Russels or small Irish pack Beagles brought over from Ireland which can be identified by their slab facial features, narrow skull, small high set ears and predominant white markings and light frame.

Puggles r us We have 2 KC registered B.V.A. eye tested Pugs which sire our Puggles and we have a Tri coloured second generation Puggle F2 for the future. We have recently bred our first second generation Puggles, we beleive the first in the U.K. which resulted in multi coloureds, including black and tans, lemon and white, Tri coloureds and fawns. Some have been retained and it is now possible to view traditional tan with black mask, solid black, smokey black, Tri and lemon and white Puggles at our kennels.

The temperament of Puggles is adorable and infectious, indeed many Puggle owners come back for a second puppy. The crossing of these two popular breeds has resulted in a consistantly amenable family friendly sweet dog that unlike a Beagle can be walked off the lead with confidence that it will not run off but, still retain the playful character of the breed.

The Pug is exhibited by the extension of its much adored facial features, robust body structure, curly tail and it's constant willingness to stay closeby and talk to you in a way only Puggles can. Puggles love nothing better than spending the day sat across your lap, mimicking a couch potato if allowed and sneaking sly kisses when you least expect them.

Their endearing nature has prompted us to want to specialise in this breed, which is totally safe around children and adores all other dogs.

Breathing and eye problems associated with the pure Pug are eliminated by the extension of the jaw and less pronounciation of the eyeball allowing natural eye closure and ridding "Dry eye" and corneal pigmentation build up. Genetic soundness and life longevity is a contributary factor in the popularity of this cross breed, which has now attained breed status in America.

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