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Welcome to Puggles r us

We are a country situated farm, together with a highly recommended local authority approved Puggle breeding and showing kennels.

Our Puggles are B.V.A. eye tested yearly to check on breed associated problems and puppies are all fully vet checked here on the premises before leaving us at 8 weeks.

This ensures that no matter what distance you travel, you are returning with a healthy Puggle puppy with no hidden faults. This is warranted in writing for 14 days to enable you to have your puppy checked by your own vet. Puppies are Micro Chipped in your name.

Puggles r us Puggle pups can be fully innoculated if requested but must remain here untill 10 weeks to complete the course, this is because many vets will not give a second innoculation if the same brand is not used.

You are most welcome to view at no obligation, quality well reared Puggle puppies in a fabulously healthy environment. We feel sure that you will return home happy in the knowledge that you have visited one of the few legitimate Puggle breeding establishments, where no pups are "Brought in" or bred out of Irish pack hound Beagles or large Jack Russles, which many are.

Both parents and many grandparents of our Puggle pups can be viewed, all your questions answered and hopefully requirements met.

Tina and Eddie

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